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Define Your Search
After you log on, the second step is Defining A Custom Property Search. Select State, Price, and Acreage to run a basic search, or chose a more refined search by adding additional parameters. Back to top>>>

We have provided pre-set Price Ranges you can select from the drop-downs or you can enter your own Custom Price Range in the boxes below that. Do not add decimal points or commas. Use only numbers, not letters. Electing not to enter a price range will return all properties in a specified state or acreage range. Back to top>>>

Choose from a pre-set Acreage Range or enter your own Custom Acreage Range. Do not add decimal points or commas. Use only numbers, not letters. Electing not to enter an acreage range will return all properties in a specified state or price range. Back to top>>>

Refine Your Search
You can Refine Your Search by selecting Property/Usage Type . Hold down the CTRL key (on Windows) or the Apple Command key on a Macintosh), to select more than one Usage Type. Back to top>>>

Usage Types
Usage classifications are based on current tract conditions and surrounding geographic/demographic conditions; and are solely the opinion of AFM Land Sales, LLC. No representation or warranties are expressed or implied as to the property, or its usage type. Prospective buyers should satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of this information. Usage types are defined below.

  • Commercial - any property that MAY be suitable for commercial development, or is located near commercial type property. Commercial is generally defined as a property that qualifies for industrial usage. This property may or may not be zoned commercial.
  • Cropland/Pastureland - any property that is currently used for agricultural purposes. This includes crops or livestock. It also may include abandoned crop or pastureland. On occasion, some properties may be included in this land use type that are suitable for converting to cropland or pastureland.
  • Deer/Turkey - any property that has a recreation value related to deer and/or turkey hunting, or has a habitat for deer and/or turkey on the property. These properties generally consist of pine and hardwood forests of any age class, including cutover land.
  • Development - any property that MAY be suitable or has the potential for usage other than timber production. Potential uses may include residential (development in the area), mini-farms, high end hunting properties, horse farms, etc. These properties may require re-zoning to meet the development objective.
  • Dove - any property that has a recreational value related to dove hunting , that has a habitat for doves, or has been managed for doves. These properties generally contain open fields or areas with a grass or herbaceous component.
  • Ducks - any property that has a recreational value related to duck or duck hunting . Generally these properties have a habitat for wintering and/or resident ducks, and may contain bottomland hardwood timber or open water features such as ponds or impoundments managed for ducks.
  • Fishing - any property that has aquatic features that offer opportunities for fishing, or may be near an area that has fishing as a recreational value. This includes properties with rivers, lakes or ponds, or that are in close proximity to rivers or lakes.
  • Hardwood - trees that are generally deciduous (shedding leaves annually), or thta are broad leafed species such as oak, sweetgum, or maple. This forest type provides additional recreational value for certain wildlife species.
  • Hunting - rural properties that support a population or have the habitat to support a population of game species for the purpose of hunting.
  • Investment - any property that may have the potential to increase in value over an investment period or specified time frame. Any property that may be in a transition period from its current state to a higher and better use state over a projected time frame.
  • Merchantable Timber - stand of trees that have attained an age or size that satisfies the primary economic goal for which it was managed. Generally 15 years and older for pine species, and 20 years and older for hardwood species.
  • Natural - areas that were established by natural occurrence with little to no influence by humans. These areas could include hardwood and pine forests or mixed stands containing both pine and hardwood.
  • Pine - trees that are generally evergreen (having leaves throughout the year); typical southern species include loblolly, longleaf, shortleaf, or slash pine.
  • Premerchantable Timber - timber that is not yet able to be sold or does not meet the age requirements or economic goals for which it is being managed. Generally 14 years and younger for pine species and 19 years and younger for hardwood species.
  • Quail - any property that has a recreational value related to quail or quail hunting, the property has been managed for quail, or a habitat on the property may support a quail population. These properties generally consist of heavily thinned pine stands with a grassy or herbaceous under story.
  • Recreation - tracts that are suitable for hunting, fishing, hiking, bird watching, horse riding, etc.
  • Residential - any property that may be suitable for residential development or that may have residential properties near by. These properties may require re-zoning to meet the residential objective.
  • Timberland - land with trees or that is suitable for trees. Includes hardwood and pine, merchantable and premerchantable.
  • Wetlands/Mitigation - transitional area between dry land and aquatic areas, having a high water table and which may be flooded during portions of the year. Wetlands previously converted for alternative uses may be candidates for mitigation to restore the original wetland features. For more information concerning mitigation opportunities please visit
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Save Your Search
Enter a unique name that describes your current search. For example, “My 100 Acre Georgia Deer Hunting Search.”  You can recall your search at a later date. You may also modify or delete your search. Saving your Search entitles you to the following benefits:

  1. It saves with a specific name so you can come back to it later without re-inventing it, saving you time.
  2. It will automatically email you when any new properties are added to that match your saved search criteria.
  3. Periodically, the site will email you reminders of saved searches so you can check it, even if there were no major changes to the property listings.
  4. As a registered user, AFM Land Sales will use your login info to add you to our newsletter email list which will occasionally send you the latest acreage land real estate news.

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Road Frontage Types
Road frontage describes the type of road that joins the tract. If you select none of them, your search will return properties that have ANY road frontage type. Road types are defined as:

  • Paved Road – any public road that has an asphalt or concrete surface. These include US interstates, US and state highways, and primary and secondary county roads.
  • Dirt/Gravel – any public road that has a dirt or gravel surface. These roads generally have to be maintained by the state or county. They include primary and secondary county roads.
  • Legal Access or Legal Easement – if a property does not have road frontage, it may be accessed through a legal access or easement. This allows the owner to cross another property owner for the purposes or access.. A Legal Access/Easement is generally a written legal document recorded in the county courthouse where the property is located. Please contact the appropriate salesperson for further details.
  • Landlocked – if a property does not have road frontage or a legal access/easement, the property may be landlocked. Please contact the appropriate salesperson for further details.

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Water Features
Water features describe the type of water frontage or nearby access. If you do not select a water feature type, your search will return properties that have ANY water feature type. Water features are defined as:

  • Close Proximity – properties that are within a few miles of lakes or rivers.
  • Creeks and Streams – properties that contain creeks and streams.
  • Lakefront – properties that adjoin a large lake; water front properties.
  • Pond(s) – properties that have established ponds.
  • River Frontage – properties that join classified rivers.

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Run Your Search
Running Your Search merely shows you the results of your search. In order to receive emails of new listings that match your search, you must first Save your Search. Back to top>>>

How to Stop Email Listings
Simply delete your search(es) on the Saved Search Page. With no search(es) to match, the web site will no longer email you listing updates. Back to top>>>

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