American Forest Management, Inc. (AFM) is one of the largest forest resource consulting firms in the United States. We offer a broad range of forestry services including forest and land management, timber sales, investment analysis, appraisals, technical and data services, and environmental management. AFM's team of professionals offers timberland owners one source for all of their management needs. Our regionally dispersed offices allow us to provide individualized services, and our large overall size allows us to coordinate teams of foresters and technical specialists for large-scale, complex jobs. This unique combination makes AFM the ideal timberland management choice.

Forest and Land Management (see our sister site @
At AFM, timberland management begins with understanding the goals of each landowner. Individual objectives are blended with cash flow requirements and the land and water resources of the ownership to determine the best plan for the property. For more than 40 years, the timberland professionals at AFM have used their experience and expertise to assist landowners in achieving their goals. AFM provides the following comprehensive, quality land management services:

  • Hunting lease implementation and management
  • Boundary line designation maintenance
  • Implementation of a full Forest Inventory Database utilizing Geographic Information System (GIS) and Geographic Positioning System (GPS) capabilities to enhance decision support
  • Coordination of government assistance program application and implementation
  • Maintenance of property tax records
  • Design and implementation of insect control programs
  • Property access and drainage design, construction, and maintenance
  • Implementation and supervision of herbicide and fertilization programs and applications
  • Management of environmental issues, including Phase I assessments
  • Wildlife habitat management services

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Timber Sales (see our sister site @
Typically, clearcut sales are sold on a lump-sum, sealed-bid basis. Select cuts and thinnings are sold on a sealed-bid or negotiated basis, and can be either lump-sum amounts or paid per unit harvested. Lump-sum sales include 100% payment upon signing of the contract or deed or a 95% "advance payment" at closing, allowing the owner to retain an economic interest for tax considerations (section 631 US Tax Code). Per unit sales are typically paid on a weekly basis, although it is typical to include an advanced deposit of 60% to 70% of the anticipated harvest income from which weekly stumpage is deducted. Once the advance payment is depleted, weekly stumpage checks are issued through the completion of the harvest. Once the sale areas have been designated and inventoried, a bid invitation is prepared.

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Appraisal Services (see our sister site @
AFM understands the need our clients have for a property valuation determined by extensive research and analysis. AFM's Appraisal Services Group provides the highest level of professionalism and integrity in every appraisal activity. Our appraisals utilize consistently accepted approaches, and conform to all professional requirements. Unlike other appraisal firms, AFM specializes in timberland and related investment properties. We are able to integrate the fields of appraisal theory and forestry, and combine that with knowledge of environmental issues and market behavior to provide the best assessment of the client's property. AFM's staff includes state certified general appraisers and forestry professionals knowledgeable in the key components of land valuation and an experienced administrative staff which devotes full attention to appraisal work.

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Technical and Data Services (see our sister site @
Those who work with highly technical systems often place emphasis on software and hardware to process data. At AFM, we believe that "peopleware" is a critical part of the information triangle, transforming raw data into useful information. We seek to understand our customer's needs to produce the most useful information for making the best possible management decisions for their land. The central role of the Technical and Data Services Group is to use up-to-date technologies to:

  • Organize and manage data
  • Develop information models for enhanced decision making
  • Track the impact of those decisions over time

We have experience managing the complex flow of data beginning with field data collection and continuing through the analysis process. We recognize that no matter how sophisticated the software, or how high-powered the computer system, technical services are only as good as the quality of the data and the interpretation of that data. For these reasons, we constantly refine the process of data gathering, comprehension and management.

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Environmental Services (see our sister site @
AFM's Environmental Services Group offers innovative and economically viable options for natural resource management beyond traditional timberland production, including management of properties with a conservation or preservation emphasis. Our environmental professionals provide a wide variety of services designed to:

  • assess environmental and economic values of natural resource assets,
  • understand client objectives and offer management scenarios to reach those objectives, and
  • work within the regulatory framework of federal, state and local government agencies to achieve these objectives.

Personnel within all AFM operating groups collaborate extensively to provide clients with an integrated approach to natural resource management. As a result, AFM clients benefit from our unparalleled expertise and experience in all aspects of forest and land management.

AFM Environmental Services include:

  • Auditing
  • Certification
  • Conservation
  • Ecological Asset Valuation
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Wetlands
  • Wildlife

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Wildlife Management (see our sister site @
Provides a variety of wildlife services including habitat management recommendations for game (deer, turkey, quail, waterfowl or small game) or non-game species. Management plans can include recommendations on deer herd management assistance, food plot development and maintenance, and vegetation management to enhance available food supplies, manage cover and improve access.

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Wood Flow (see our sister site @
Provides services associated with Wood Supply Agreements including delivered wood systems, log sales and pricing, market analysis and log yard management.

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